What do I need?

5 GCSEs at grade C/5 or above, including Mathematics and English Language.


Why Study A Level Philosophy?

Philosophy investigates the deepest questions about what it means to be human. What can we know about the world we live in? Can we trust our experience of the world? 

Philosophy gives us logical and reasoned methods for discussing such questions. Philosophy asks you not to be too quick to jump to conclusions and aims to develop keen, independent thinkers.

You will develop your transferable skills such as the ability to ask and discuss penetrating questions, the analysis and evaluation of complex arguments and the ability to present your own arguments logically and clearly. 


What will I study?

Year One

You will explore questions such as:

  • What is knowledge?
  • Is what we experience an illusion?
  • Where does our knowledge come from?

You will also engage with questions to do with philosophical language and the arguments for God’s existence.

Year Two

The second year examines questions to do with the relationship between mind and body. Where does our individual identity come from? You will also explore ethical questions. 


Where can the subject lead?

Philosophy is useful for a whole range of degrees: Law, Medicine, Pharmacology, Bio-medical Science, all other Sciences, Politics, Sociology, History, Religious Studies, Philosophy, Psychology, English, Maths and many others. 


  • Business values clear and independent thinking skills.
  • Journalism and advertising see logical presentation of ideas as important.
  • Social work, public services, medicine and law see a background in ethics as important.



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