What do I need?

5 GCSEs at grade C/5 or above, including Mathematics and English Language.

Why Study A Level English Language?

By studying the language as a real-life tool of communication, you will become a better speaker, reader and writer as you learn the structures and conventions that govern all human interaction. If you like discussing and evaluating how language is being used in a wide range of contexts and also enjoy producing your own texts; then this course is for you.

What will I study?

You will firstly learn all the grammar concepts and terminology you need to evaluate how language is being used in any text.  You will then explore how language is used in a range of different contexts including: spontaneous conversations, the media and multimedia, fictional and non-fictional texts.

You will also explore a range of different issues surrounding the language, such as the history and development of English, language and power, language and gender, different varieties of English and child language acquisition.  You will use this knowledge to produce your own investigation for coursework and then apply all that you have learned over the two years in the final exams.


Where can the subject lead?

Developing critical reading and writing skills make this subject very useful for all degree level subjects and careers.  Students have progressed into careers as diverse as law, education, media, business, social work, advertising and personnel management.


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